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the wonders of selective grammar usage

capitalization, etcetera optional.

12 May 1981
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Dear world,

I'm otherwise engaged at the moment.
Please leave a message after the beep.

-- Luana

1up, a sense of humor, absorbing the time vortex, amassing spiral notebooks, art deco, atari lynx, autism research, blaming science, collecting charmander paraphenalia, color theory, cooperative gaming, ellipses, fearing zombies, flavored cigarettes, flowery description, free association, graphic design, graphic novels, interdimensional blue boxes, italian sodas, linguistics, mid-boss, moving forward without regret, nintendo entertainment system, oversized cardigans, privacy, prose, punctuation, quoting the classics, remembering to breathe, romancing wesley crusher, sketching my hands, solitary walks at dusk, the unexpected, thinking about thinking, typography, waxing philosophical